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This debt calculator Excel spreadsheet will help you to:
  • Automatically calculate your debt payment plans so you can just focus on paying your debt down
  • Understand your best debt options including Dave Ramsey's debt snowball or debt avalanche strategies (You can also input a custom number order if that's a better fit for you!)
  • Get control of your debt and pay it off so you can be debt free

It's EASY to use and fully automated with a chart!

There's space for 20 debts and up to a 30 year payment plan.

It'll calculate the debt free date and total interest automatically so you can customize the option that works for you!

There is also an extensive instructions manual containing how to use this debt payoff calculator as well as additional tips on how to pay down your debt, save and make more money.


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  • Editable: Certain cells are editable. I've locked some cells to prevent accidental changes to formulas and graphs, but all cells can be unlocked. See the instructions for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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can't wait to put my information in. looks great.


This debt tracker is fantasic! It was easy to use and the instructions were very clear on where to enter in our personal info.


I wish I had bought this one sooner. I love the ability to customize how to pay off debt and see how much I could save in interest. Well worth the purchase. Recommend to anyone needing to pay off debt and ability to easily manage and it gives you the date when you will be debt free!