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These printable savings challenge trackers will help you to save money quickly and effortlessly!

They're fun challenges that will help you change your spending habits and open your mind to make the best use of what you have!

*These savings challenge templates are part of my extensive printable budget planner if you're looking for a more comprehensive system.

There are 5 pages in this savings challenges planner:

  • 30 Day No Spend Challenge: Tracker for a 30 day no buy challenge - EDITABLE
  • 30 Day Challenge Tracker: Tracker for any 30 day money challenge - EDITABLE
  • 52 Week Savings Challenge: Tracker for a 1 year savings challenge starting with contributing $1 the first week, $2 the second week etc.
  • 52 Week Savings Challenge Blank: Tracker for a 1 year savings challenge where you can contribute a chosen amount each week
  • Reverse 52 Week Savings Challenge: Tracker for a 1 year savings challenge starting with contributing $52 the first day, $51 the second day etc.

There is also an extensive instructions manual containing what's on each page, how to fill out each page, and additional tips on how to budget, save and make more money.

Here are additional articles that will specifically help with these trackers:
No Spend Challenge: The Complete Guide on How to Not Spend Money
18 Easy Saving Money Challenges for Every Budget


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