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This Loan Payoff Tracker Excel Spreadsheet will help you to:
  • Create a loan payoff schedule and fully pay off your loan whether it's a mortgage, car loan, student loan or other type of loan with a fixed interest rate and regular payment
  • Track your payment towards your principal and interest
  • Be able to make extra payments towards your principal!

mortgage amortization schedule

In addition to your payment frequency, you can enter in your interest compound period (e.g. monthly, semi-annually etc.).

This loan tracking spreadsheet is easy to use and fully automated with a chart, summary and detailed breakdown!

There is also an extensive instructions manual containing how to use this loan payoff template as well as additional tips on how to save and make more money.

Here's an instructional video on the Loan Payoff Schedule o give you an inside look at how it works:

 loan amoritzation schedule

Please note:

  • This loan payoff tracker will NOT work if you have a variable interest rate or balloon payment structure. It will only work for loans with a fixed interest rate and regular payment.
  • The payment will show your principal and interest portions. If your payment includes taxes, insurance or other components, these will NOT be shown.
  • This amortization schedule will NOT work with credit cards. If you're looking for a spreadsheet that will automatically reorder your credit card debts to create an optimal payment plan, here's a debt payoff calculator.
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  • Editable: I've locked some cells to prevent accidental changes to formulas and graphs, but all cells can be unlocked. See the instructions for more details.
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Excellent setup and very easy to use!


Love the circle chart


Very useful and convenient! Love the setup!


My mortgage company wanted to charge me more than the price of this file for a print out of my amortization schedule. This wasn't not only an amazing price but also well put together, easy to understand, and has a pleasing ascetic. Thanks so much, now I can see how far my extra payments go over time.


Great helps me out alot