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This Co-Parenting Planner Google Sheets Spreadsheet will help each parent:

  • Easily schedule and track parenting days and times
  • Provide accurate and detailed information about visitations
  • Track child expenses and child support payments

Here's what's included in this Child Custody Planner:

  1. 1. Children Information: Child’s important information including doctor’s information, dentist’s information, therapist’s information and school information
  2. 2. Children Health Log: Weight and height tracker for each child
  3. 3. Health Visits: Log for your child’s doctor’s, dentist’s, therapist’s and other specialist’s visits
  4. 4. Contact List: Important contact information like your lawyer’s contact information etc.
  5. 5. Communication Log: Record of your communication, the people involved and what the major topics were
  6. 6. Visitation Log and Summary: Record and summary of all the parent visits
  7. 7. Incident Report: Log of the incidents, what actions were taken, and who was involved including witnesses
  8. 8. Court Meetings: Outline of topics, outcomes and what you need to bring for court meetings
  9. 9. Lawyer Notes: Any important notes and next steps from the lawyer
  10. 10. Documents: Log of any documents you need to prepare and whether they’ve been sent
  11. 11. Notes: Any special notes you need to record
  12. 12. Reminders: Any special reminders you need to record
  13. 13. Holiday Schedule: Holiday and important dates schedule
  14. 14. 2020-2030 Custody Calendar: Calendar to mark all of the dates your child/children are spending time with one parent vs. the other
  15. 15. Child Support Payments: Record of the child support payments
  16. 16. Alimony Payments: Record of the alimony payments
  17. 17. Reimbursement Log: Log of what expenses need to be reimbursed
  18. 18. Child Expenses Log: Log of the expenses
  19. 19. Child Expenses Summary: Summary of the expenses
  20. 20. Payment Summary: Summary of all the child support, alimony and expense payments

There is a summary and charts so you can easily see your track progress.

This child custody tracker is easy to use and fully automated!

There is also an extensive instruction manual for this co-parenting planning google sheets and additional tips on how to save and make money.


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Gretchen Otero Rosillo

Exactly what we needed. Prompt customer service.


I found this to be very helpful!


Great! Product works well and was just as described.


Jacqueline went above and beyond with a request I had. Such great service. Thank you!


This is so easy to use! It has saved me so much time and effort creating visitation logs and tracking for my children. This is one less thing I have to worry about!