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This Money Planner Excel Spreadsheet Digital Template helps:
  • Track your monthly and annual budget goals and spending
  • Reach your savings goals
  • Pay off all of your debt

There are 8 different products included in this Money Management Bundle Template including:

1. Monthly Budget with Annual Summaries (can track up to 50 different bills and 50 different expense categories)

2. Savings Tracker (30 goals over up to 30 years) to keep track of your savings goal contributions and withdrawals

3. Debt Tracker (30 debts over up to 30 years) to track your debt, interest payments and debt payoff progress

4. Debt Calculator (30 debts over up to 30 years) to calculate the best debt payment plans using the debt avalanche, debt snowball or a custom order of your choice

5. Net Worth Tracker to track your assets, liabilities and net worth over the year

6. Check Register to track your bank account transactions to help you see where the mistakes are and where you can tighten up on your budget

7. Loan Payoff Schedule to generate your loan payoff schedule, see the breakdown between principal and interest, and enter the extra payments you need to payoff your mortgage or other fixed interest loan early

8. Financial Independence Tracker to track your early retirement progress and understand your retirement options including using investments and passive income

There is also an extensive instructions manual containing what's on each money planning tab, how to use each tab, and additional tips on how to budget, save and make more money.


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I'm absolutely loving this whole set of Budgeting sheets. I really like how they are set up. I cant wait to see the full picture at the end of the of year. The instructions are super helpful and very easy to follow. I like how some fields are locked so you don't accidentally modify a formula. But you get instructions on how to unlock them if you need to. The only thing I would add to this is the option to have a weekly/bi-weekly budget because sometimes for me the entire month is a different picture than the specific week. But even so I'm super happy with this purchase!